What do you think of easyuni? Feedbacks are not only welcome but will be answered and replied to


Hello @edwintay!

I first read about Easy Uni on social media so and far I am enjoying my time scrolling through the website. As I am getting a few of my friends to write a review about their universities on your website, I have two comments and questions:

  1. A few of my friends told me that Easy Uni’s website is not exactly mobile friendly
  2. How long does it usually take before a new review appears at the bottom of the each university? Two of my friends wrote a review earlier yesterday (University of Melbourne and Multimedia University) and until now it hasn’t appeared. What is the procedure usually?




Hello Sara,

Thanks for messaging to us and giving us feedback. We try hard to add value to our users on daily basis and I do agree with you, there are some areas where it can be further improved. I have forwarded your email to our CTO so that it can help with our product development.

We are currently in the midst of revamping our website. We hope to launch it soon :slight_smile:

With regard to the reviews - its because they are moderated. We do take time to read through each reviews submitted and post most of it. So you should see your friends reviews soon.

Reason for moderating is because we do get sometimes (very very seldom) reviews that are too negative. We try to keep the reviews balanced. We allow constructive criticism and feedbacks even if its something not so nice about the university (as it keeps the reviews genuine). However there are limits to it.

Anyways we do hope that you find value in our portal. Do email to me directly (et[at]easyuni[dot]com) if you have any other feedbacks/ideas/suggestions :slight_smile:

p/s: we do have a student ambassador program. Its open to any of our student members. Do contact me if you are interested :smile: (Its a great way to make some pocket money. We do pay our ambassadors)



Great! I I am really grateful for your services. Thanks.