What is the Dutch Credit System (ECT scheme) and how does it work?

One important information you need to know, as a prospective student in The Netherlands, is how the Dutch credit system works. This will help you keep track of your grade and be in good standing throughout your study. A credit system is a measure used by universities to determine a student’s academic performance to obtain the type of degree in view.

Every course taken has its credit load and the total number of subjects for each semester will carry a portion of your expected credit work for the study programme. To arrive at the student’s credit score, the prospective student must meet the assessment system which includes:

  • Actual course attendance
  • Tests are taken for each course
  • Oral or written examination
  • Projects/research work

The Dutch credit system uses a standardized European Credit Transfer and Accumulation scheme, which is helpful for students interested in various study programmes in the country’s higher institutions.