What Uni to choose in the Netherlands?

Guys, I heard that the Netherlands is an amazing country for international students. What university shall I choose actually, any tips? Studying in Amsterdam could be fun since it’s the capital but I also heard that Maastricht University or Leiden University are of a great quality too. Are here any students from Maastricht?

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Hey @easyelaborate, I’m a graduate from the Maastricht University. See the picture? The most beautiful town you can imagine. Anyways, the Maastricht Uni is really famous and ranked 6 in the QS University Rankings: Top 50 Under 50 2014. You can study a variety of programs in 6 faculties, all in English and the lecturers are the top people in the field. Also, Maastricht University is famous for its ‘‘Problem based learning’’, UM is the only university that applies this effective and successful system in all its programmes. It focuses on applicable learning and skills, for more info read the link here guys: :smile: http://www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/web/Main/Education/ProblemBasedLearning.htm.
I’m really happy that I did study in Maastricht, the city is quite pricey but no regrets, everything was amazing and Dutch people are the best :blush:

I decided to revive this thread since I know many scholarship awardees who end up studying in Netherlands’ public universities.

And, yes-- @exmoorelated and @easyelaborate, Maastricht Uni is one of the most popular study destination in Netherlands, especially for Postgraduate future students. As @exmoorelated said, it is centered around problem-based learning, with experienced and trained professors and lecturers as well. According to what I’ve heard from one of my country’s scholarship awardees, they won’t easily let you pass their courses unless you perform well and be active during the class. Its’ placement on Top 10 World’s Universities means more efforts and preparations required to succeed in class. Most lecturers are open-minded and approachable during and after class. There are few Leiden University students who receive country’s scholarships. I thought they have similar curriculum to Maastricht, except perhaps it’s easier to succeed.

The most popular Netherlands uni for Indonesian people per 2013 is Wageningen University. It has a top-notch quality educational systems and researches, not to forget students can take selfie/wefie around the green part of campus.