What's your favorite weekend activities?

During the weekend, what sort of plan do you and your buddies have?

Some of my friends (including myself) do not like to go out during the weekend because we believe that:

outing = spending money
So, we prefer to rot at our room, catching up dramas, and chat over the internet.

However, last weekend, another group of my friend had proved me wrong. Outing doesn’t always mean to go shopping, eating luxury food, or watching movies. Our lives could be a lot more exciting without shopping! They went to hiking and picnic at park! Err… Sounds old-school, yet healthier and budget alternative. Though I couldn’t join them for the fun last Sunday, hiking is definitely on my future weekend activity list.

What’s your plan?

Usually we will join free workshop or event together to fill up our empty cup.sometimes we also watch movies together in dorm to relax ourself.

I usually use my weekend for a good read, either at home or at the park! Usually my weekdays are very hectic so weekends are meant for a good chill. If I’m spending time with my friends, we usually make plans for a lot of stuffs to catch up. A brunch session, picnics (everyone brings their own homecooked food [but of course some cheated haha]), hiking, poetry sessions, and a lot of other stuffs!