Where to shop for groceries in Kampar

Some of you who are planning to study in UTAR Kampar might wonder how the lifestyle is like in a small kampung. Well, there is no shopping mall (the nearest is in Ipoh) but it’s okay 'cause there are some places you can go to dine and shop for groceries.

Tesco is the oldest shopping mart in Kampar and is located in Eastlake. It’s very near to UTAR’s main gate. There is KFC, Sushi King and a food court inside. Every weekends, Tesco gives a lot of discounted items so it’s nice to shop here if you want to save on money.

This one of the newest places to shop for students and people living in the Westlake area. This was just established this year.

This is the latest hypermarket in Kampar. It’s located right before Tesco. What’s so awesome with Giant is that it has Mr DIY shop in case you need to fix or replace something in your house.