Why inti cafeteria?

I started my course in INTI Nilai UC in 2014. INTI cafeteria is the most crowded place to have lunch during the weekdays. I guess its because the following reasons:

  1. i guess the weather does matter to the students, its either you drive out for lunch or you willing to walk under the hot sun to the nearby place for lunch. If not, the only place left is the cafeteria or the sidewalk cafe.
  2. actually, quite a lot of choices of foods there in cafeteria. I personally recommend the chicken rice, best serve with the “addictive” soup.
  3. erm… you know, place that got more people to visit will attract more people to come. There’s how the crowd came from. (I’m serious).

You might have found out more reasons why students like to grab their lunch at INTI cafeteria, leave a comment so we can discuss.

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I completely agree with you on this… Nice writing. :slightly_smiling_face: