Why is college location important?

Consider the distance you’ll be from home, as well as the location of the campus to surrounding cities.

Ask yourself:

•Can you handle being across the country?
•What about the expenses involved in coming home for holidays or other visits – are you okay with those?
•Will you go home too frequently if you’re nearby?
•Will you get more parental drop-ins than you’d like? (Note: this may seem like a bad thing but, once you’re in school you may like these! Free meals and, perhaps, groceries!)
•The campus is great, but is it close to anything else?

Ensure you’re prepared for being close or far by weighing the different scenarios of different location options.

Of course, It is very difficult to be in different cities or across the country. You are right, it would be really difficult to visit home frequently, so in this case i would rather choose to go home rarely. But if i am living nearby to my home i would visit at every weekend.
In case of parental drop-ins i would like to do it on my own, i would not like if my family takes pain to provide me the stuff i want unless there is an emergency.
So i would choose my college nearby cities from my home city, because in that way i can be in touch with my family, i can visit them if i am not well, if my family needs me i can be there at any moment.
Doing college does not mean you should leave all of the other important factors of you life, unless you want to take admission in a particular college which is located across the country, then i would try not to spend more money on my travel expenses.

Hi there!

It is extremely important!! Especially if you are someone like me who struggle to get up in the morning.

Having a college at a convenient location for you is vital! Imagine having to travel 4 hours to and fro just to attend a 1 hour lecture! Furthermore, the problem is exacerbated when your course is heavily on project work - which often leads to multiple project meetings at the most popular location for undergraduates - college. This would mean you would have to spend up to 3 to 4 hours travelling each day! This time could be much better spend revising your work or even playing sports or doing other leisure activities!

All in all, unless you are really inclined towards a college which is very far away, my advice would be to choose one that is conveniently located for you, if possible, within an hour’s travelling time.

Without college location we can’t reach and find out the college

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personal factors such as the distance from friends and family limit the location of colleges to which they apply.

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