Why Malaysia could be your study destination in Asia?

I have been living here for almost 4 years because of my bachelor degree and during this time period I had been visited so many places and experienced many things in Malaysia and these things have driven me to write this topic about Malaysia.

What things defines most whether the country is good or bad for a student?
For answering this question I want to focus on some specific factors. Because measuring a country’s wellness doesn’t depend on any particular area or sector. It requires how good the country has handled its people and how it provides safety for the students and how economic the country is for living.

So far I am writing this topic based on my own experience, If there is any mistake or if you have some better explanation or idea about Malaysia for students that I should’ve mentioned about then please feel free to share your thoughts and comments on this topic.

Alright, I think Malaysia as a study destination is completely a wise and economic decision compared to other countries in Asia. Yes, I agree there is much more developed country such as Singapore, Japan, South Korea. These countries are more developed and provide better technological support but when it’s come about study destination then Malaysia has no competitor in Asia.

Here I have prepared a list with some factors that may help you to understand this statement properly,

  1. Quality Education:
    According to this website, in the year 2016, the total number of universities were 64 where it contains 20 public universities, 37 private universities and 7 foreign universities. Among these 64 universities, there are 26 universities which are listed in the Top universities of the world.

  2. Cultural Diversity:
    If you come here in Malaysia then the first thing you would notice is that the cultural diversity among the citizen. There are so many races and nationalities people lives here such as Chinese. Indians, Arabs, Bangladeshis. Pakistanis, Nepalis, Nigerians and so on. If you are lucky enough to get an admission in a university where all of these races students study together then you could have a very diverse experience about all these races. Which could help you to enlighten your communication skills and to get better viewpoints about the world

  3. Geographic Location:
    Based on my own experience it could be easily said that Malaysia is the adorable daughter of nature because the whole country is made with hills and surrounded by seas. If you see Malaysia from the sky top then you would only able to see green nature and blue water. There are a lot of places available for enjoying a lazy holiday or an exciting vacation. Besides this, if you want to travel outside the country then the world’s expensive country Singapore and most tourism country Thailand is just a few hours far from Malaysia.

  4. Value for Money
    Malaysia is the country full of wonders but surprisingly true that it’s more affordable and economical compared to Singapore and Japan. For an international student, RM 1200 per month is way more than enough for the living expenses inclusive Food, accommodation and daily expenses. You can find a higher quality of life at a comparatively low cost.

  5. Well, communication system:
    Malaysia is served by well-constructed roads and highways this includes 580 kilometres (360 miles) of superior quality expressways, which connect Kuala Lumpur with Singapore and with major seaports and other destinations. However, other than roads Malaysia has it’s own public transportation which called MRT, LRT.KTM and RapidKL. Besides these, they also use a ride-sharing App which is called Grab for better riding experience.

Based on my Student life, so far these are my findings as an international student in Malaysia so it can be different or similar to yours when you come here to study but one thing I can say clearly, if you want to achieve a quality education, lead a happy and exciting student life and explore new things with a reasonable price then nothing can come up before Malaysia.